Session Details

The Home Movie Spectacular : These are FUN sessions for families. This is a way to capture the ENTIRE family interacting together on film. Mom or Dad will not be behind the camera…I take care of that for you. So it’s kind of like a spiced up home movie, that the whole family gets to be in. This kind of session usually lasts 2-3 hours at a location of your choice. I like to talk to you beforehand, so that it can be well planned out. We’ll talk about what you want to be doing in the video as well. What does your family like to do together? We’ve done many different things already from playing basketball at Liberty Park, to tug of war and water balloon fights to playing a game of Uno! One of the most important parts of The Home Movie Spectacular is having a PHOTOGRAPHER there as well! So if you were needing some new family photos anyway, The Home Movie Spectacular would be perfect for you! There will be SOME posing, to ensure we get some photos with everyone looking, but other than that all you have to do is be yourselves…interact and play as a family and we will capture all of those special moments for you!

MUSIC : This will be edited to music, but I try to put some original audio in. I need you to brainstorm a list of songs that you would want and give me a cd with 2 or 3 of them on it. It makes the video MUCH more interesting and fun if one of your songs is more upbeat and then you can have another song that is a little slower or sentimental.

Engagement Photo Session – This is a video of your engagement photo shoot! The session usually lasts no more than 2 hours and must take place outside of a studio. I put the footage to a song of your choice and it usually ends up being anywhere from 3-4 min long. This is a good way to showcase your favorite engagement photos as well because I like to put the photos into the video, but it will depend on your photographer on whether or not that can happen. Some charge extra to get the photos on cd and it may not be worth it to you. Also, to include the photos in the video, I will need them within one month of the shoot. That will also depend on your photographer. It can still be a good video even without the photos, but it’s not going to work out to get the photos in time, then I would rather we go off on our own, WITHOUT a photographer and do a DATE VIDEO.

Date Video — Couple on a date, having fun, while I follow you around and get it on tape! Session lasts about 2 hours. I have not yet done one of these! (You can check out A LOVE STORY in my video examples and it would be very similar to that, but without the interview.) I will also edit this to music with a song of your choice. 3-4 min long.

A Love Story — Couple is interviewed, telling their story of how they met, the proposal, and other questions, along with them having fun doing an activity they enjoy. Sometimes it is fun to relive a first or memorable date or to even revisit the spot where he proposed. J This session takes a bit longer because of the interviews….probably need to plan on at least 3 hours for this session. Also, the video ends up being longer as well. I try to keep it under 10 min.

Bridal Spotlight – This is very similar to the Engagement Session, in that I am usually following you around as you are getting your bridal pictures done. The same rules apply here: Must take place outside of a studio and if you want photos included, I need them within 1 month of the session. BUT there also does not have to be a photographer present to do a bridal spotlight. We can certainly go out on a different day and do our own thing. Also, It is growing trend to include the groom in the “bridal session” making it a bridal and groomal session. J If this is what you want to do, keep in mind that if you are getting married in the temple, there is a lot of picture taking in your wedding attire after you come out of the temple, so it may not be worth it to pay extra for this session. If you are having a wedding ceremony, there is usually not a lot of time for couple pictures….so doing a bridal/groomal video could be fun to have that footage together.

If you choose to do an extra session within your wedding package, it will be posted online when I am finished. I usually will provide one copy of it on a dvd and extra copies can be paid for. But when I give you your final wedding video, it will be included on that as well.