How to Become a Video Editor

How to Become a Video Editor

Occupation of video editor – popular and promising by video editing experts work in television, film studios or make a free career on freelancing. Of the many fragments captured video editor assembles the finished movie, the movie, the plot for the transfer roller For YouTube, wedding film, etc.

Who is a video editor and what does he do?

The final stage of the production of any product is a video installation, ie Compound different fragments of scenes in a single material. The duties of the video editor includes:

  •     choice among the captured fragments of the most successful,
  •     slicing,
  •     compound different video sequences,
  •     creating transitions,
  •     add music, titles, captions.

The profession is a creative video editor component. A good specialist can competently accents, make attractive to the viewer video using different effects.

This work is in demand in various fields. For example, in television, film, advertising business, event-field (with video editing weddings, corporate events) and others. Job relevant video editor since the creation of video equipment.

As video editor handles the scenes?

Professiyu video editor can be called interesting, since work is such a specialist technical and creative component.

For video processing, there are special computer programs to combine videos, apply effects, sound, photos, and other items.

Pros and cons of the profession video editor


  •     Creative work.
  •     The ability to freely schedule work.
  •     Various subjects and the lack of monotony.
  •     Continuous development and study of new media graphic designs.
  •     Decent wages.


  •     The need to work for long periods at a computer.
  •     Seasonality of incoming orders, for example, in the processing of the wedding video.
  •     Long working hours in the case of urgent orders.

Necessary skills and knowledge

  •     Cutting story fragments.
  •     Staging frames.
  •     Adding special effects.
  •     Audio dubbing.
  •     Sound and image synchronization.
  •     Compilation titles, presentation texts.

Such operations are carried out using computer programs. These include:

  •     Sony Vegas Pro.
  •     3d-MAX.
  •     Adobe After Effects.
  •     Adobe Photoshop.
  •     Adobe Premiere Pro.

How to become a video editor?

Basic training video editor you can learn on their own. For example, a lot of training videos there are on YouTube. However, a complete training can only give a higher education.

You can also find a lot of programs of additional education and training, through which you can learn the basic skills of video editor profession.

For the device to work require a diploma or certificate of completion of the training program, as well as chrono-functional resume and a portfolio of work that will be able to confirm the existing skills. Be sure to remember to check your resume – there are a lot of free services, such as .

Where to look for work?

  •     TV companies.
  •     Firms that require advertising content or video product reviews.
  •     Agency for organizing events and cultural activities for capturing memorable moments.
  •     Scope Infobusiness that require promotional videos to promote products or solve problems specific target audiences.
  • Very popular individual orders for processing video proms, weddings, anniversaries. Find such orders can be freelancing on exchanges.

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