KELLI BRAMBLE through SPROUT PHOTO : Kelli and I have known each other for some time. She knew my husband from high school, and he and her brother were good friends and still are today. And my husband also grew up across the street from her husband! So lots of connections there! 😉 Kelli and I got to know each other a lot better in the beginning of 2009 when we decided to collaborate on some home movie projects and we had so much fun. We worked together for a year and now, Kelli has received an offer to work with Sprout Photo, so she no longer has her own business. But if you like her work, you can hire her through Sprout.

JOANNA TAYLOR PHOTOGRAPHY : We had our first opportunity to work together in October 2009 and since then I have kept up with her work and have ooohed and ahhhed at her photos. I also team up with her to do The Home Movie Spectacular. She also does it all, from Newborn sessions, weddings, etc and she also can provide sessions in studio.

MELISSA DAVIS PHOTOGRAPHY : I met Melissa in 2007 when I needed pictures for a singing group I was in. She holds a special place in my heart because she was my FIRST experience with a natural light, on location photographer. I was so impressed by her photos, and still am! She specializes in newborn, children, and families!

MNW PHOTOGRAPHY : Mallory is truly talented. She is best friends with one of my cousins and she did her wedding photos, while I did her wedding video. So that’s when I met her. Such a sweet girl. She hadn’t ‘officially’ started a business yet at that time, but now she is ready! She truly has a unique style and I love her photos. Love her!